Letter From Our Pastor

March 28, 2019

Greetings, Beloved Friends & Family of Cornish UCC,

This was an awkward winter. It was more ice and rain than fluffy flakes, and this yielded the unique opportunity for yours truly to be in touch with the earth regularly on my backside. Seems once every week or so I was falling on the ice, typically ungracefully. But I learned a lot. With the opportunity to fall was the opportunity to recognize it coming and the ability to brace for impact. Also, I got a better look at what was tripping me and where I needed to slow down and put out ice melt-

In the winter time when everything is frozen in time, we have the chance to look inward to see what the contaminants are in our hearts and minds. We are able to reflect on what is causing us to stumble and choose a better path. Easter is just around the corner. While it is a rote tradition for some with bunnies and peeps (they are delicious), for Christ-followers it is a time of renewed hope and re-centering. We are reminded of where to keep our focus, and called to contemplate the redeeming work that Jesus Christ did on the cross in order to extend the invitation of eternal life to anyone who might live for and believe in Him. In this life we will slip up and we may even fall and fail but we can learn from that. The important thing is that when we get up, we keep our eyes on our destination and our home- Jesus Christ.

This Easter season we are helping one another do that. We have a Lenten book group centered on Rick Warrens, “The Purpose Driven Life”, that has been meeting on Sunday mornings at the Sacopee Valley House of Pizza at 9:00AM (feel free to join us!). These final weeks leading up to Easter we will have a movie night, a Maundy Thursday contemporary stations of the cross service, an Easter sunrise service and then a breakfast and worship service that same day; phew, I’m out of breath thinking it.

However, serving Christ, loving Him and those he has called us to serve; is not check the box activity that we do only on holy days and special occasions- it’s a way of life. We have recently added a growing children’s school to our Sunday service. We are also continuously coming up with new small group ideas and activities to help keep us engaged with our Savior, one another, and our precious community. If you have a mind and heart hungry to give and receive love, ready to learn, teach and serve and grow- join us! Undoubtedly our community would be better with you. Why you ask? Come and see!

Thank you for reading these words. We will be praying for you!

In Christ’s Love and Service,

Kris Stanley Pastor,
Cornish UCC
37 Main St, Cornish, ME 04020
Cell: 207.400.7446

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